Jubiläumsbuch und Verbandsberichte

In preparation for the 125th anniversary the Sparkassenverband Niedersachsen I've got asked to bring the (hi)story of the banking association to public attention. We developed a book rich with photos and stories, a small book with photographic footnotes and a magazine-like annual report – all together combined in an anniversary slipcase. Several annual reports followed.

Editorial DesignGraphic DesignPhotojournalism
Set including anniversary photo book, annual report, archive booklet, invitation to the anniversary party — and a collector's slipcase with hole cut. In collaboration with Frank Schinski (Ostkreuz), Tim Schröder, Arne Kösel, Petra Wenzlaff and Axel Bartsch.


Jubiläumsbuch »was war wird — gut« 
Fotos im Buch und Video des Buchs: Frank Schinski

Documentary photograph Frank Schinski and science journalists tell 18 stories of 125 years of association history with 18 exclusive photographs
Example photo page
Every photographic story is accompanied by a short note on the events of the year (red text)
A timeline matching photographs and events of the 125 years of Sparkassenverband Niedersachsen
Small book with additional archive photographs (inlay)
Annual Report (Schweizer Broschur)
Photo Book
We are happy to find our project on the shortlist of the German MfG-Award

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